Sunday, June 18, 2006

Suburban Frolic

It was a pleasant evening and our friends invited us to go for a walk with them. It's not as simple as you might think. First we drove somewhere a little more pleasant than our neighborhood and then we walked.

My Girl in White

Triple Frolic


Ash said...

sweet shots!

restaurant gal said...

The look on yout daughter's face! She reminds me of Restaurant Gal daughter back in the day--taking a walk is all business, with a smile. Wonderful.

--The Gal

Nicola said...

Sorry, but I noticed the street names - are they all women's names in this area?

Fraser said...

What a fetching triptytch.

Kala said...

its hilarious to fotograph kids - they are so not shy about it

Natalie said...

Residential street names usually follow some kind of theme. This group of streets was women's names. I've seen Italian cities, kinds of trees, presidents...all sorts of things. =)