Friday, August 18, 2006

Does this guy look familiar to you? Maybe you remember him from this post. At that time I only suspected that he was this guy, but a side by side comparison show him to be one and the same. He's our local minstrel, our very own Target troubadour. Not everyone around here knows he exists, but I'm in the know.

While I've got your attention I thought I'd see if any of you know what this is. At first I thought it was on top of a street lamp post, but as we drove by I saw that it was on a post all by itself. Any ideas?


Reflex said...

It looks like there is a camera on the top right. Maybe a surveillance gadget... There is also an antenna, so.. maybe a webcam?

Goncolo said...

Hola, Es una cámara de vigilancia de tránsito y envía una señal de microondas al cuartel de policía.
Una foto muy interesante y curiosa. Muy original.

Monique said...

Camera and siren?

We have these things in Chicago. We call them blue boxes. They take recordings of "hot spots" in the city. Plus, you know that if you drove down a street that warrants one you better get the %#$* out!

"Where are you? . . .MLK? RUN!" - Chris Rock

Natalie said...

Hmmm...I wouldn't think this particular intersection is very bad. But this thing was directly across the street from a bank. So maybe that has something to do with it's presence.

ari4u said...

Like you said, it could be a security camera for the bank. Maybe the bank didnt want anyone to know it :)

I love pic 1. Good light and love the way colors show up on his shirt.

Danna said...

Looks like pie tin to me! :) Jake came over and said that guy sing! We have seen him at Target, he is very nice!

Mauricio said...

Hola!!!!! Natalie

Como Goncolo sabe de todo eso? C.S.I. or X-Files? well done the picts,

See you, congrats

Y saludos.