Monday, August 28, 2006

I Have the Thursday's Contest.

Thursday's puzzle piece proved to be difficult. I could tell because only one person got it right and only a handful of people ventured to guess. That said, Alex proved his familiarity with hair clippers and won the contest. Congratulations! The rest of you don't need to get scared off. The next one might be easier. Maybe =)

Here's the whole picture:

If you'd like to see it from a different angle, click here.


atenea crisoelefantina said...


Natalie said...


Mauricio said...

Hola Natalie!

Como marchan las cosas?

Hace tiempo que no apareces, se nota tu falta!

Saludos de Río,

barista brat said...

great puzzle, natalie!

Reflex said...

Esa fue muy difficile ;)

ari4u said...

Wow natalie. This one was really a toughie. Thanks for the contest, it was fun, but i think i pulled a muscle in my brain :) lol.

Waiting for your next one :)
Take care

Alex Durham said...

What gave it away for me was the hair fragments that could be seen in the close up. Once I noticed those it finally clicked as to what the object was. I actuall stared at the picture for a good 10 minutes before I fugured out what it was.

mademoiselle P said...

pfff!!! jamás habría adivinado!!! extremadamente dificil.
Yo seguiré intentando adivinar en el futuro :)

Dave MacIntyre said...

Oh cool!!! I wracked my brain trying to even take a guess at that one. Great challenge!