Tuesday, November 14, 2006

*UPDATE* The mystery has been solved by mtbmike. This is a katydid--not a mantis.

A praying mantis hangin' out near the stairs. It was like he was just waiting to be photographed, except he refused to do any cool poses for me.

A little closer.


Eric said...

Now those are totally cool

Anonymous said...

You can't ask them too much. At least it posed instead of running away.

Anonymous said...

Love this shot..It is crystal clear..


Reflex said...

I think it is not a mantis... But your shots are very good :)

Natalie said...

Reflex, I think you're right. I was just looking at the praying mantis in Wikipedia and the head and neck is totally different. Oh well.

mtbmike said...

It is-
The family Tettigoniidae contains the more than 6,800 species known in American English as katydids and in British English as bush-crickets. It is part of the suborder Ensifera and the only family in the superfamily Tettigonoidea. They are also known as long-horned grasshoppers, although they are more closely related to crickets than to grasshoppers.

DEATH said...

Woah! Found my way to this blog after some wandering, and who knew it would answer one of my forgotten questions! I found one of these on our doorstep back in October and was wondering what it was, but never got around to looking it up!

To go with the answers, great pictures here too!