Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Didn't I Say I Wanted Wildlife?

It seems that nature got confused and came to me. Yesterday my kids and I were walking across our apartment complex to go get the mail when we saw this confused pair of ducks in the swimming pool. Surely they must have thought they had found their own quiet little piece of paradise...

Except this particular lake seemed to not have any food. Again and again she stuck her head down looking for tasty morsels. Again and again she was disappointed. Maybe this wasn't paradise after all? Then the pool man came to clean the pool and scared them off. Away they flew to look for another quiet spot, hopefully with more food.


Augs Casa said...

How neat. reckon the poor ducks need a rest and a meal.

jenni said...

that is so funny... when we lived in the valley we had the same thing happen. A pair of ducks took to our pool... the were gone by the time summer came and people were actually swimming.. but every morning the kids and I could watch the ducks =)

I wonder.. will your ducks return???