Thursday, March 22, 2007

Just a Regular Post Today...

I know you're thinking it's Thursday so where's the Thursday contest? Normally, on Wednesday I put together a puzzle piece, but yesterday was kind of busy and I was kind of tired. I therefore declared to myself that I would just let it go this time.

In a month we'll be leaving on an 8 week vacation to Costa Rica. We're moving all of our stuff out of our apartment and putting what we're keeping into storage until we return. Then, when we get back, we're moving to a new (as of yet undetermined) location where my husband will start business school in the fall. We have started the process of boxing away things and selling or giving away the things we're not keeping. In the nearly six years that we've been married, we've moved our stuff 5 times. It's never a fun process to pack and unpack, but this time we're going out of state and we intend to travel light.

So today you get another tree picture:

Do you think Kathy and Eugen are still together? I wonder how long ago they scratched their names into this tree. Some of these names are quite high up and I imagine that they used to be lower, but the tree grew taller.


Eric said...

Miss the contest :(
Actually trees and all plants for that matter grow at the tip and out on the trunk so you wont likely see that much of a change in the height of a carving or a branch or what ever.
Moving sucks but it is a good excuse to toss stuff out

Augs Casa said...

How exciting. Costa Rica. WOW. I envy you for picking up and leaving. I am fighting those demons right now. I hope you'll be able to blog when you are gone. If not I am going to be lost.

Dina said...

Oh Man, I love the contest. I will get over it though. I can let it go, if you can.

Interesting observation about the tree growing and that's why the markings are high up. My little brain could only have guessed "How did they climb up there and do that?" I'm not that intelligent sometimes.

Natalie said...

I'm sure you'll all survive. =)

And Augs,

I'm going to try and blog while in Costa Rica, but frequency will depend on internet access availability. I know that several of my relatives have internet access, but when we're out on excursions access may be sketchy at best.

Dina said...

I can't wait to see your beautiful pics from Costa Rica on your blog!!! Try to do it as much as possible so we can live vicariously through your adventures. PS. Can me and the boys hitch a ride on your adventure...hee hee!!!

Natalie said...

Sure, you can ALL come along we'll have one big FIESTA!!!!

restaurant gal said...

You are so smart and lucky and BRILLIANT to take this time to take time away in a very new place.

I love Costa Rica. Have been there only once, and would return in a ssecond.

Best of luck to you, and keep posting your art for all to see!

--The Gal