Monday, April 09, 2007

The Answer to Thursday's Contest

If you guessed Easter eggs, you were right! I have a question for all of you relating to Easter eggs. My little girl and I dyed these eggs and decorated them. Then they sat on the table for all to see. A couple of days later she wanted to eat once so we did. No one got sick or died. I distinctly remember having my easter eggs in my Easter basket when I was a kid and eating them without them ever being refrigerated. But after eating the eggs I got to wondering what the food safety people have to say about it and they were very strict, saying that you should never eat hardboiled eggs that have been sitting at room temperature for more than two hours and if you want to be able to eat them you should keep them refrigerated. So I'm posing the question to you? Do any of you remember eating Easter eggs that had been sitting out at room temperature? Have you ever known anyone to get sick from eating an Easter egg?


Dina said...

As a child, my brothers and I would find our eggs then take turns hiding and re-hiding them over and over for the whole day. Then over the next week we would eat egg salad sandwiches. Nobody ever got sick as far as I remember. I know I didn't get sick.

I've seen eggs at costco sitting out in the aisle waiting to be put in the fridge. I specifically remember that because we had been shopping for over a 2 hour period and there they sat.

Augs Casa said...

I persoanlly love eggs. So they would never sit out more than a few days. IF they were out for more than 3 days I would refigerate them. We made a dozen for the boys and I have eaten 3 of them thus far.

soulreavers said...

my family never got sick off of eating hard-boiled eggs that had sat out for a couple of days. Granted, if it was closer to a week we just threw them out to be on the safe side...but three, four days was normal for us over Easter.