Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A PSA and a post!

Before I post my regular picture, I would like to make sure that everyone knows about Ben&Jerry's Free Cone Day. It will take place on Tuesday April 17th from 12pm- 8pm. For those of you who have a scoop shop near you, I definitely recommend dropping by for a free cone. Free ice-cream is a very good thing!
So that's my public service announcement. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Just because it's prickly, doesn't mean it doesn't have a kind heart. =)


Augs Casa said...
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Augs Casa said...

Let's try this again w/o all the typos.

Hi Natalie,

well being hispanic and all, we eat the prickly cactus. Well, I don't my folks love it. I love the fruit that grow on top though. Prickly pears. yum yum. Ever try it? I wish we had a Ben & Jerrys around us, but they are few and far in between in the Midwest.