Monday, May 21, 2007

Update on the Thursday Contest

Sorry that it's taken me so long. I've been traveling around and the convenient internet access was like $5 an hour. Now I'm on a computer with no space bar (well, you haveto pushit super hard), butat leastit's free.

Those ofyou who guessed furry creatures areon ther ight track. Here's another hint: it's a little furry creature and it is not an herbivore.


Monique said...

Is it a deadly sin?


Dina said...

This contest is killin' me...I have got to know what it is...would you please find a cheap computer and put me out of my misery???

Jenni said...

it has to be one of those carnivorous furry coconuts that are taking over Costa Rica.

they were first spotted on Gilligan's island, but that remains one of the lost episodes... it was and shall always be far to violent to be viewed.

Alexander Keeran said...