Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brown Leaves

It's just a simple leaf, but simplicity has its appeal.

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Emily and Kyle said...

Okay, so I loved what you wrote on my blog (but I think I love these photographs even are so talented!)
I agree with pretty much everything you said on my blog. I think the thing that really swung my vote was this article ( by chance that something can be done about abortion (specifically Roe v. Wade), I know that it will not be done with a democratic president. Sad, but true. All of the other issues you mentioned...oil, environment, etc, are very important, but I don't think they even compare to some of the bigger issues. I think this video does a good job explaining it-- (I think done by the catholic church).
I am on stuck on a few issues right now--save the unborn save the public schools.
I majored in Social work--and therefore I get the "most democratic" title in all of my family of strict republicans, but this time, they won me over.

I do not think that the Republican party owns morality. I think they "own" some parts and the Democratic party "owns" other parts.