Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who Knew She Could Look So Sweet?

I've been so used to shooting JPEGs that even after I got my new camera which can shoot RAW, I was still shooting JPEGs. But then I was talking to a photographer friend and I decided it was time to start shooting in RAW. I got my camera and put on my 50mm lens (so great for portraits) and went to the only room in our apartment with any decent light and proceeded to have a little portrait session with my girls. The pictures below of my baby were from this same little session. The next day I opened them in camera raw and edited them. What fun! There is so much you can do in RAW without altering the quality of the picture. Then you can save a JPEG and still have your original RAW file.

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Kelli said...

isn't it great! i'm glad you tried it. the only down side is you have a lot less storage space on your memory card, but still totally worth it. these look great! i love her sweet expression.