Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Keeping That Youthful Glow

My oldest daughter gave me some packets of beauty masques as a gift. Of course, when she gave them to me she was really wanting to be able to do them with me. You can click here and see when we did the chocolate masque together. On Sunday she was begging me to do another masque with her. The one she picked, however, turned out to be a cloth cutout soaked in stuff. Since we couldn't both do it, I said she could be the one to do this masque. Boy was she thrilled!

The masque was really meant for an adult face, but I made it fit. My husband and I thought she looked pretty funny like this. But half the fun of doing beauty masks is looking like a weirdo. =)

After 5 minutes it was time to take the masque off and reveal her fresh and glowing skin. I like how she makes a big deal about how soft her skin feels afterward. I think the shirt she's wearing is appropriate, because she really is one cool kid.