Sunday, April 29, 2007

A few pictures for those who are interested.

These aren't the most interesting pictures I have, but these are the ones I've managed to upload so far. Forgive any lack of editing. I don't really have the time to do it at the moment.

Our flight left LAX at 2:25am. None of us got much sleep that night, but my girls managed to make themselves comfortable and catch some Zs on the airplane. Maybe if I could have fit into my seat laying down like this, I might have slept a little more than I did. =)

Costa Rica is all about Pura Vida (pure life). You ask someone how they're doing and they'll say, "Pura vida." But it's more than that. Pura vida is taking things in stride and just enjoying life. In this picture we were on a bus doing one of our little day trips and the bus had to stop and wait while new asphalt was being laid down. No one on the bus was booing or hissing. The bus driver was a little put out, but he wasn't all angry or anything. It was just a "well what can you do" kind of moment. =)

One day we went to the INBioparque which is a sort of nature park. It was a really beautiful place, very nice to walk around. Iguanas were in abundance. The first time we saw one walking along the path, we were very cautious and picked up the kids before we walked by, but we soon realized that they were everywhere and they ran away if you got too close.

Also in the INBioparque was a small butterfly "house". Costa Rica has LOTS of butterfly varieties. On a different day we went to a more impressive butterfly farm. We'll see if I can get any pictures up from that.

Tomorrow we are off to Jaco beach for a few days to stay in a cabin that my aunt got us a deal on. We'll see how it is. Jaco is not the nicest of Costa Rica's beaches, but it is a common vacation spot for a lot of Ticos (Costa Ricans).

More later!


Monique said...

Best posts ever, keep 'em coming!

Augs Casa said...

sounds like you are keeping busy in costa rica. I envy you. please keep posting. I look forward to them when you do post.

restaurant gal said...

So fun to see these great photos and hear about your adventures!

Eric said...

Hey Natalie, the pix are great looking
I hope youer enjoying your trip

Kimberly said...

Absolutely beautiful! You are all so lucky to be there. Love the pictures.

Kala said...

those creepy crawlers are quite large and very impressive looking!! Great shots and the expression on her face is so funnny and cute!