Monday, May 07, 2007

Butterflies and Snakes

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago, but they´re kind of fun.

We took a day trip to Guacima to see the butterfly garden which was a nice treat. They had all sorts of butterflies which they raise there. Sometimes they would land on on us and we even learned how to get them onto our fingers for brief moments. Here in this picture, Diego (our guide) is showing my very delighted daughter a beautiful blue butterfly. Don´t ask me for names because I don´t names because I don´t remember that kind of stuff.

Here my daughter is showing her prowess at getting butterflies to stay on her finger.

The next day we went to Grecia to see El Mundo de los Serpientes (world of snakes). The best part was getting to hold a snake.

This is not a butterfly or a snake, but it is worth a picture. Seeing any kind of street sign in Costa Rica is a rare event. Houses don´t have numbers and streets, for the most part don´t have names. If a street does have a name, most people won´t know it. Sounds like a postal worker´s nightmare, but somehow it all manages to work.

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Kala said...

i think your kids are going to be Zoologists =) Its really neat how they are getting to come first hand with natures beauties - oh and yes, a cute husband and father to boot!