Monday, May 07, 2007

Jacó Beach

Last week we went to Jacó and stayed in a cabin just a short walk from the beach. It is nice to be able to see my family, but it is also nice to be off on our own. I said before that Jacó is not the nicest of Costa Rica's beaches, but it really was quite nice. The thing about Jacó is that it used to be a little tico getaway. Now it is has seen the influence of lots of foreign money. All around you see condos selling for ridiculous amounts of money and others being built.

But the beach was still nice and the kids had fun playing in the sand.

The sky was beautiful that day. If you look in the background on the right you can see a crane. The building never stops.

While we were at Jacó we decided to go check out the light house mentioned in one of our guidebooks. There were supposed to be some cool animals to see out back. Well, the "light house" turned out to be a retaurant and the animals they had didn't seem too impressive. Out taxi driver suggested a look at the marina in the neigboring town of Herradura. He was a fun taxi driver. He told us about a guy named "Mr. Jack" who owns lots of property and buildings in the area. According to our driver "Mr. Jack" is known for throwing big parties that everyone is invited to.
The marina was called Los Sueños and it was like we had left Costa Rica and gone to some swanky town in the US. We could see the Marriot which had it's own private beach and the buildings right by the marina were expensive stores and stuff. In the water were lots and lots of little pleasure boats. I was thinking that this was the kind of place where people who have money to burn come to stay.

Perhaps the coolest thing we did while at Jacó was go to the rainforest aerial tram. We rode in a suspended gondola thingy with our guide and a nice enough New Yorker named Jerry. Up we went high up into the forest seeing secondary growth forest and then primary growth forest. We spotted monkeys and a toucan and a coati (sp?). Our guide told us all about the trees and plants and animals. It was so fun.


jenni said...

I love the top photo of your hubby and the girls. The reflection adds a wonderful touch to the image.

Kala said...

wow - refelctions in these photos are so awesome - you make vacations look like a dream

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