Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cartoon vs. Reality

April 24, 2007. INBioparque, Costa Rica

My kids like to watch Dora the Explorer. For those of you who don't know, Dora is a girl with an enormous head who is always getting into dangerous situations due to lack of parental supervision. Dora has a friend named Isa the iguana. I know you will find this shocking, but Isa looks nothing like a real iguana. Maybe the creators of the show didn't think that an iguana like the one above would inspire warm fuzzy feelings. =)


Brittany said...

That is an amazing shot!

Kala said...

thats a funny story and a cute one as well - I will have to google Isa the "Iguana" to get that warm fuzzy feeling effect =) Awesome picture!

Kimberly Bluestocking: said...

Apparently the Disney folks felt the same way about Jiminy Cricket. Where's the third pair of appendages, I ask you?

Anne Bradshaw said...

Glad I found this blog today. Enjoyed the read and the photos.

Here comes an invitation to visit my blog--this week if possible--as my "Spotlight the Youth" contest ends Friday, and lots of votes are needed to make it work. So please spread the word.

Thanks so much.

Eric said...

Have some fun and photoshop the iguana chasing and eating Dora.
That would be cool