Thursday, August 30, 2007

It almost looks like it could be made of chocolate.

Cicada shell. 5/8/07. Fincas Naturales Butterfly Botanical Garden, Costa Rica

I had never seen one of these before until we went to Costa Rica. I know in the Midwest the cicadas come out every 17 years or something like that. From what I've read this is supposed to be an adaptation to throw off the predators. In Costa Rica, it seems that they come out a lot more frequently. Maybe it's because there are SO MANY insects that the predators have a whole smorgasbord to choose from and don't need to just pick on the cicadas.


Kimberly Bluestocking: said...

Looks more like a date to me.

The pitted kind, not the take-me-to-a-movie kind.

Jill said...

The cicadas come out in Virginia. I know because I witnessed their invasion 2 years ago. Very fascinating creatures. You are right, they come out every 17 years. They are everywhere. They stay in the trees and make a very loud chirping, singing, cricket-like noise - their mating call - all the time. They mate; they lay their eggs; I think they die (hence the shells); fall out of the trees (and get everywhere!! - you can't help but step on the shells as you walk); the eggs fall out of the trees as well and burrow into the earth to remain for the next 17 years.
What a boring life.

- the cicadas in VA don't look like that though, the are longer, flatter, and have ugly red eyes.

Augs Casa said...


You miss i'm guessing millions near my house. this was out 17 year. so they came with a vengence.

Dina said...

OK, are you settled yet? When are you going to start your contests again? I'm having withdrawls!!! Plus you have all these cool pics that could be a great in the contest.